VIDEO | Phetty – Tuyamalize

The Afro beat Queen from Tanzania Phetty energy and fluidity to her music piece that is of the highest level of execution, something that only comes to an artist with years of experience. Phetty career started when she contested for Super Nyota competition conducted by Clouds Media and managed to be the winner and later she competed in Bongo star search on of the Biggest Talent search and she managed to be among the top ten finalists.


Her debut single was “ASALI” which pave the way and introduces her to the music industry and from there she provide her fans with another song “KIRANGA”. Phetty proves once again that she knows exactly what she’s doing as she weaves and spins words into beats and beats into synths. Starting off chill and breezy, the song progresses into a more intense melody as well as higher notes, which helps to ground “MNAFANYAJE” and keep the listener engaged.


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