FULL ALBUM | Joe Marley – Muchmore

Joseph Marley: a Tanzanian Reggae, hiphop and Dancehall artist. A remarkable songwriter and genuine vocalist  in variety of tones (swahili, patois and maasai). Joseph was born on 28th of May 1991 in Morogoro Region, popularly known by his stage name Joe Marley, he is the last born among four boys in his father’s family. Other brothers are Marco Marley, Manasseh Marley and Peter Marley.

His musical journey took his entire life time, music has been his inborn passion ever since he was a little boy, and that is the reason behind his stage nickname Inborn Badman Cantankerous describing his talent as a natural gift that is beyond measure.  Initially Joe used to cover other artists’ songs and perform untill when his time fell on hand.

He officially recorded his first song in 2006 called Tution, followed by another joint by the name Sina cha kupoteza (I got Nothing to loose) featuring Belle9. Up-to-date he has released  several recognised singles  such as “Sweet lover lover”  “Good Manner” and “Beautiful” from his first album going by the name of his young and extraodinary producer MUCHMORE under K-Records Studios.

In 2018, Joe Marley signed his first deal with Cocacola Company and did a soundtrack for their advert. This marked and paved way for more endosements in his music career, he signed another deal with Voice Of Maasai studios in Texas for maasai sounds, the project which is yet to be implemented.

Apart from his music Joe Marley is a bachelor degree holder in Health Systems Management, Mzumbe University 2015. From his profession he got an opportunity to serve in both national and internaional health organizations such as Morogoro Regional Referral Hospital, USAID New Generation Project and Department for International Development (DFID).

As a young African musician, Joe Marley visions to suit the international music market from Tanzanian perspective, expressing and share social realities among different communities globally.